Free Vintage Valentine's Download!

There's nothing like the perfect thrift score. The kind that when you happen upon the best thing you were never looking for (but always in the back of your mind hoping you'd be lucky enough to find), the skies open up, you pull out your fifty cents (!!), and you take home your find, and covet it, and never ever use it. Ever.

That's the case of these valentines. I found them at a thrift store in Prince George about five years ago. They're in their original plastic bag, with the 50c tag on them. Unused. In pristine condition. Waiting for "the day" I deem them usable. Which, will be never. Because they're such a find.

I thought that someone should get some use of them. And that is why I've scanned them and made them available to you (and I'll hopefully print some out and use them myself!).

Download the PDF here!

Happy valentine's (soon)!

XO ohsweetie


babyblue said...

*melt*...so cute.

MON said...

I just find your blog through a knitting blog, and I love it!

diandra said...

Awe, yay!

yarnsalad said...

oh! I wish I had a printer!

laura said...

so awesome, thanks di