spicy acorn squash soup with roasted garlic (and cheezy corn bread!)

february will be squash month over at the blog
spicy squash and roasted garlic soup w/ cheesy corn bread
cheezy corn bread

MMM, now this was a good dinner. You can google the internets to find the cornbread recipe from Moosewood, so here's where you should go to see it. (i nixed the onion and had 2 cups of corn and cooked it for 35 minutes).

And, I didn't write down a recipe for this soup. So, if you're a seasoned cook basic instruction is: roast a whole acorn squash and four heads of garlic. over med heat fry 1 onion, chopped, and 6 garlic cloves, minced, in some olive oil. once a little golden, add a handful of fresh chopped sage, a tablespoon of dried oregano, 1 tsp of dried pepper, and either 1 tsp of dried red chili flakes or 1 hot dried pepper chopped up! combine and let cook for a few minutes. add the flesh from the squash and the flesh from the garlic and mash mash mash in the soup pot. add heated soup stock to cover vegetables (or more if you like). cook thoroughly and serve with sour cream if you want...but make sure it's with lots of this YUMMY corn bread. XO

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